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Want to build a breathtakingly beautiful period style home tailor-made for you?

At Romeo Homes, we are known for offering the ultimate in design and build and can craft spectacular period style homes in Melbourne. Our reputation for designing magnificent homes is unrivalled and we can leave you with a truly stunning home that will be absolutely loved. Timeless and enriched with striking details, our period home builders have the experience of working with different architectural styles. Whether you wish to build a period style home to merge with the neighbouring properties or wish to have one for its impressive charm, we have your needs covered. Talk to us and we will make your dream period home a reality.

Experienced Period Home Builders in Melbourne

Our builders are driven by the zeal to excel and design exceptional homes, built exclusively for you. We value the requirements of our clients and inputs will always be taken into consideration. We will work closely with you at every stage of the project to ensure that the outcome meets or exceeds your expectations. We give every project the time and attention it deserves and you can be sure of stunning results. 

Period Style Homes

At Romeo Homes, we offer a huge selection of period style home designs that can be adapted to suit your lifestyle needs. Our architectural designs such as the California bungalow, Federation, Victorian, Edwardian and Hampton style homes are designed for full customisation, giving you the very best in modern building technology and architectural beauty of the past.

Our period homes may replicate historical Australian architecture, but as Melbourne’s most respected period style builders, we don’t scrimp on our interiors either, with a range of modern kitchen designs, gorgeous bathrooms and state of the art systems to set your period style home squarely in the now.

To complement this very Melbournian way of building, we offer an extensive range of plans to suit a range of budgets so you can choose the perfect home for you, getting the best quality for the best price. Get in touch today if you would like to learn more.


Get your project off the ground by discussing your lifestyle dreams with a personalised consultation. You’ll find the Romeo Homes team both welcoming and knowledgeable when it comes to your project. Our personal, client-focused approach begins with a no-obligation consultation where you can expect the following:

  • Explore your lifestyle requirements.
  • Advice on your budget expectations.
  • An idea of design and build timelines.
  • Discuss the flexibility of your design choice.
  • Create a plan to move forward.

If you choose us as your build partner, we assure you of a seamless experience. We do not compromise on quality or design but will stick to the budget specified. Over the years we have succeeded in designing the finest bespoke period homes and you can trust our service for the best outcome.

Want to know more about our period style homes in Melbourne?

We understand that your needs are unique and will be happy to understand your requirements. We follow a consultative approach and will take you through every aspect of the design in detail. Our expertise lies across a wide spectrum of period homes and with meticulous care and attention, we can make your dream home design a reality.

Over the years we have built a reputation for the quality of our work, craftsmanship and exceptional service. We are preferred by clients across Melbourne and you can trust us for providing the best design solutions for your next project. Talk to us today to know more.

Traditional & Period Homes

The Jamieson

federation style homes

34.38 Sqs  |  Lot width 16+  |  View Details »

The Jamieson Attic

melbourne home builder

38.5 Sqs  |  Lot width 17+  |  View Details »

The Delatite Cottage

victorian home builders

34.74 Sqs  |  Lot width 17+  |  View Details »

The Jamieson Lodge

victorian home builders

27.19 Sqs  |  Lot width 16+  |  View Details »

The Jamieson Bungalow

victorian home builders

27.88 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Beaumont

melbourne home builder

34.27 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Coventry

new home builders melbourne

31.65 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Brighton

new home builders melbourne

34.40 Sqs  |  Lot Width 15+  |  View Details »

The Macquarie

period style homes

27.5 Sqs  |  Lot width 13+  |  View Details »

Acreage / Corner

Modern Homes

The Sorrento

modern federation style homes

30.74 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Glenburn

modern federation style homes

28.39 Sqs  |  Lot width 13.5+  |  View Details »

The Woodfield

custom home builders melbourne

29.07 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Kensington

modern federation style homes

27.5 Sqs  |  Lot width 13+  |  View Details »

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