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Looking for new home builders in Clayton?

At Romeo Homes, we specialize in building the finest custom homes for our clients to extend a superb experience. Our homes in Clayton reflect our passion for design and exceptional workmanship. Offering a variety of choices and styles, we are known for our unrivalled building services in Clayton. If you are looking for construction professionals to build the home of your dreams, look no further. Talk to us today to discuss your next project.

Expert Home Builders in Clayton

We believe that every project is unique and our fresh approach has enabled us to give each structure a distinct touch. With tailored solutions to meet the exact needs of our clients, we have succeeded in building exceptional homes across Clayton. Our clients are at the heart of our service and we take great care to ensure that every element of the design is just the way you want. From the very onset, we work in close collaboration with our clients and every input is valued for a fabulous design outcome. 

We are always experimenting with new styles and are aware of the latest trends. Based on your unique needs, our professionals will be happy to suggest features that will best work for your property. We give our clients the creative freedom to incorporate designs and ensure that you enjoy the entire building process. We want your home to be everything you want it to be. We strive for perfection and our homes exude unrivalled sophistication and elegance. We have been successful in meeting the demands of the most discerning clients and take pride in the spectacular homes we have built.

A Streamlined Building Process

We begin by understanding the needs, budget and design preference of our clients. We will then suggest a plan that best works for you and includes all the features that you like. Our goal is to make your home just yours and we assure you of an outcome that meets or exceeds your expectations. What sets us apart is the attention to the finest details and design features that conform to the highest standards. With distinctive architectural features, we can build homes of superior quality. 

Perfectly Planned Homes in Clayton

Daunted by the thought of building a new home?

We understand your concern and know that building a home can be a tedious process. However, you can benefit from our experience and we are here to make your journey a smooth one. We believe that planning is the key and will work closely with you to ensure that the final design exactly meets your specifications.

Our friendly team will be happy to help you at every step of the process and we begin with a no-obligation consultation where you can expect the following:

  • Explore your lifestyle requirements.
  • Advice on your budget expectations.
  • An idea of design and build timelines.
  • Discuss the flexibility of your design choice.
  • Create a plan to move forward.

We will work with you at every stage to create the most beautiful homes in Clayton. We love experimenting with new ideas and no matter how complex is the scale of the design, we will build a home that you will be proud of.

Book an appointment with us today to know more.

Traditional & Period Homes

The Jamieson

federation style homes

34.38 Sqs  |  Lot width 16+  |  View Details »

The Jamieson Attic

melbourne home builder

38.5 Sqs  |  Lot width 17+  |  View Details »

The Delatite Cottage

victorian home builders

34.74 Sqs  |  Lot width 17+  |  View Details »

The Jamieson Lodge

victorian home builders

27.19 Sqs  |  Lot width 16+  |  View Details »

The Jamieson Bungalow

victorian home builders

27.88 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Beaumont

melbourne home builder

34.27 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Coventry

new home builders melbourne

31.65 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Brighton

new home builders melbourne

34.40 Sqs  |  Lot Width 15+  |  View Details »

The Macquarie

period style homes

27.5 Sqs  |  Lot width 13+  |  View Details »

Acreage / Corner

Modern Homes

The Sorrento

modern federation style homes

30.74 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Glenburn

modern federation style homes

28.39 Sqs  |  Lot width 13.5+  |  View Details »

The Woodfield

custom home builders melbourne

29.07 Sqs  |  Lot width 14+  |  View Details »

The Kensington

modern federation style homes

27.5 Sqs  |  Lot width 13+  |  View Details »

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