So, What Exactly Are Building Site Costs?

//So, What Exactly Are Building Site Costs?

So, What Exactly Are Building Site Costs?

They’re one of the most misunderstood expenses when building a new home. What are building site costs and how do you avoid being stung?

When building a new home there are a number of costs associated with prepping the site ready for our Melbourne home builders to come in and start laying foundations. These are things like an onsite toilet, scaffolding and security fencing, to name a few – and, if you’ve been past a building site recently, you’ll will have noticed all of these!

On top of all that, there are the paperwork costs, such as permits and tests that must be carried out before any work can commence. And while some of these can be completed by you, we usually take all the legwork over so you can get on with day to day life.

So… there are legitimate building site costs that must be covered and included in the total cost of the federation home build.

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However, the problem with building site costs is that some builders use them to baffle clients and hide discounts they may have given you elsewhere. For example, imagine your builder offers you $5000 worth of extra kitchen inclusions. Great, right? Sure, but less trustworthy builders will make up that cost by loading up the building site costs.

Here at Romeo Homes we believe this is unfair practice – and plenty of our clients have told us their horror story of being stung for extra costs that should have been included in the so-called ‘freebies’.

To avoid any confusion for you as the home owner, we’ll clearly list out and breakdown the costs involved in prepping your building site, in addition to the build and any handover costs.

In the next blog post, we’ll look more closely at what exactly building site costs cover, so please read on to learn more.

We’d love to hear from you about your ideas and dreams for a beautiful new federation home, so give our friendly new home builders in Melbourne a call on 03 9707 5233!

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