How Romeo Homes Reduce The Impact Of Glancing Light

When considering glancing light, there are a number of things the Melbourne home builders at Romeo Homes take into consideration. Starting with our design team, right through to our Melbourne house builders and any subcontractors we might use, we are always using building best practices and levels of finish according to Australian Standards.  While some [...]

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How Do We Minimise Glancing Light?

The best time to consider potential glancing light issues is during your period home design phase, where we can consider ways to greatly reduce its impact.  Large windows are a popular feature of modern home designs in Melbourne and the preference for open plan living and working often results in ceilings and walls that extend [...]

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What Is Glancing Light?

Melbourne home builders today benefit from many innovations that have increased the speed of construction and allow almost unlimited design freedom for their clients. One of the major steps forward has been the use of lightweight framing and plasterboard wall and ceiling linings which give builders the freedom to construct more open plan spaces and larger [...]

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What Do Building Site Costs Cover?

It’s a great question… and it differs from builder to builder. Here at Romeo Homes, our Melbourne home builders explain to each of our clients that building site costs are split into two categories - site infrastructure and site costs. Types of Building Site Costs Site infrastructure covers the costs for all the things that we require [...]

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So, What Exactly Are Building Site Costs?

They’re one of the most misunderstood expenses when building a new home. What are building site costs and how do you avoid being stung? When building a new home there are a number of costs associated with prepping the site ready for our Melbourne home builders to come in and start laying foundations. These are [...]

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10 Questions You Need To Ask Your New Home Builder

1. Are you a licensed builder? This is the very first question you should ask. Only ever work with licensed home builders in Melbourne as in order for them to have that licence they must have a current Home Owners Warranty Insurance Policy. This covers you for financial loss should the builder die, become insolvent [...]

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